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Who are we…why does anyone work here?

by kc on August 23, 2013

in Corporate Story Telling

In the Social Economy, if you are looking to recruit the best workers to grow your business you have to interact with them.  With the access to information so easily available with Tablets, Smart Phones and the like, a job ad or a sign in the window just doesn’t cut it.  Not only is it critical to engage with candidates, how you engage them and the content topic is just as important.

Now more than ever companies need to cultivate workers and build business relationships with ones in their industry that have an affinity with the company’s culture and get a real kick out of doing the work.  Workers want to know a lot more about what they may be getting involved with and what it will be like.  If you’re like most companies you don’t have much to share beyond the boilerplate and company propaganda.  A one day interview session and a few resume pages of background information is not a relationship – it’s just a small sample of a career event.

The most important step that a company can make is to differentiate themselves by how they are described in the marketplace. Regardless of the size, a company is a band or group of workers that create a business culture based on the elements of its members and how they collectively interact to build things, deliver services or meet goals.  Whether it’s creating apps, baking bread or building jet engines, the style, motivation and efforts put forth by the workers are what makes the company’s identity.

There are tools out there that can be tapped to figure some of this out, but it pays to get the advice of people that have done it before.  The other issue is time of course, since once you figure out who you are and develop content to share…well you have to share it!  For most companies, they have a pretty good handle on assessing and processing candidates and applicants once they get  in the door, but few have the resources dedicated to get them there in the first place.  If you give up and just allow job ads to do your attracting, you’re just waiting to get run over by competitors who are not sitting idly by.  

Fortunately there are affordable resources available to help you out…

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