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by kc on August 15, 2013

in Musings on Marketplace Trends

The hiring world is so different than just a year ago and growing companies who need the best talent to maintain their trajectory have to change with it.   To differentiate themselves and cultivate top talent companies need to shine a bright a light on their corporate identity so the their industry’s “rumor mill” (or competitors) won’t define it for them.  The very best way to do this is to let “Company Voices” (employees) be heard in a way that demonstrates the uniquely terrific identity in an emphatic way.  

Top performers, according to recent studies, spend 63% of their time researching future employers.  They’ll appreciate the integrity of Company Voices and not the typical propaganda most companies provide.  Those that find the identity appealing will want to learn more and consider either a job opening or other options that could be provided by the company to explore what they’re all about like a recurring blog, videos or milestones the company achieves.

It may seem like extra work, but the current inefficient recruiting activity can be seamlessly replaced with new worker cultivation – so there is no net increase in recruitment time spent.  In fact, there are time sensitive tools available today for companies to cultivate industry workers and build relationships with ones that will advance their business – in less time than is currently being used to lure workers with advertisements alone.

The employment industry needs to consider reallocating some of the billions of dollars spent on tactical hiring to building relationships and cultivating prospective workers that love their job.  The result would be hiring workers we “know,” drastically lowering hiring costs and helping put to rest the term “dream job” – since most workers would be in a job they’ve always craved.


(This new Company Voices and  Engagement Hiring concept is not a “dream!”  Reach out to Upwardly Me and find out how you can easily implement a program and cut your hiring costs in half… GO HERE for better hiring!)

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