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by kc on August 8, 2013

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A few years ago there were millions who took any job they could get to make a paycheck, and not because they loved the work.  As the job market has improved, these workers are making tracks to jobs better suited to them.  This “churn” is impacting on the job market, as workers sort out themselves out, and the irony is that recruiters may be hampering this turnover.

Most recruiter’s focus on past experience, and are trained to make the best fit based on the most recent work.  As workers apply for jobs they really want, their past few years of experience may not demonstrate what they’re capable of doing and they may find their resumes at the bottom of the pile.  It gets frustrating since most companies do a poor job of engaging with job applicants.  For fear of opening up a Pandora’s Box, most only offer a contact form with no promise of actually responding to applicant inquiries.  This is an area that needs a bit of rethinking.

Unmet Expectations

In the Social Economy, we have access to more information and are connected to more people than ever before.  There is an expectation to be able to connect and learn about a company and their jobs, as easily as it is to learn about what to do or buy.  With thousands of Apps for just about everything, people are expecting to connect with someone for the information needed to make a big decision about their life.    Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Most companies have set up Facebook pages and provide a view of the company on their website, but this doesn’t compare well with the tools available for much simpler consumer decisions.  To be fair, connecting is time consuming and most companies are not set up or have the resources to keep engagement efforts “active.”   Some have turned to automated initiatives that a few technology vendors provide, but these are not viewed very authentically by the public and may do more harm than good.

Engagement Hiring

Authentic one on one active engagements with career consumers is impractical.  Small companies don’t have the resources, and large companies have to many applicants to keep up with, yet engagement is proven to be the best means for uncovering top talent.  Connecting with someone that has a lot in common with the company, who is passionate about the work and is known to current employees is a great hiring starting point.

A little reimagining may be in order.  Why stick with “one to one” connections when there are so many possibilities for “many to many” interactions.  There are numerous programs available to create a digital event, target needed skills, and get them to come to interact with your team.  With the right approach, a few hours each month can provide the engagement that makes all the difference.

A recurring series of digital events can offer a host of advantages for introducing a company story, employment branding, candidate evaluation and separation from competitors.  Inviting guests from vendors, clients and company management can burnish thought leadership and provide numerous PR possibilities to keep the company in the minds of engineers, programmers, scientists or whatever area needs cultivation.  The benefits are staggering, there’s no downside or risk, so it may be worth giving it a try.

Upwardly Me has been exploring engagement possibilities for many years, and we’ve learned that there are few “cookie cutter” methods.  Each company shares their uniqueness in the way that fits their culture, but group engagement and interactivity can change the way a company is perceived and in less time than ever imagined.

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