Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Engagement Hiring exactly?
Its companies engaging with people interested in their business using Digital Events like a Twitter Chat and “Step Hire” Emails
What is a Step Hire Email?
Its authentic company information on what it’s like to work there…it’s what most people want to know before considering a career move that’s a step hire.
Where does this info come from and how is it authentic?
We “crowd source” the employees anonymously with a web based Poll that’s easy to do (3-4 minutes). Each response is analyzed into a short pithy paragraph sent to those opting-in
How often and what preparation is needed for a Digital Event?
Everything is handled by Upwardly Me, Hosts just show up and participate. They’re best held on a recurring basis and we have a dozen different topics to choose from that are hugely successful.
Is there a way to keep track of who we are engaging with?
Absolutely. Anyone who opts-in to receive Step Hire email will be asked to complete a registration with career questions…all is tracked in a searchable database.bluearrow