What do corporate recruiters or HR managers want most?

Let’s face it, few if any of them actually do any real recruiting. Typically there is no time to recruit when averaging 20-30 open reqs (or more). They mostly assess and process the incoming applicant flow for their assigned job openings. For the most part, that’s all they want to do. Most dislike actual recruiting, the chase, cold calling, selling the company, even sending job openings to targets using LinkedIn is a pain.

What they WANT is high caliber candidate flow they can assess and process, and what they need is a more prominent “silent recruiting pitch” so they don’t have to do it.

That’s where Engagement Hiring comes in.

Our job is to amplify the “silent recruiting pitch” to their industry’s workforce. Studies show that 75% of the time Americans check with others online to get advice and validation for all types of decisions and the number goes to 91% for those under age 30 (Marketo). When someone is considering a career decision about a company using the Engagement Hiring system, there will be clearly defined feedback and if it fits their career choice, they’ll apply.

We use online digital events for people to validate their career decisions and to define what is said about the company outside of the events. The mere act of conducting a series of “live” digital events will get noticed in your industry. We’ll help you get it noticed, but conducting an interesting weekly or bi-monthly event will make waves and people will be impacted by it.

The important thing to realize is that holding a Digital Event, using Twitter for example, is extremely easy for a company to do. Especially since we do all the work, they merely show up and for an hour be themselves, answer questions and respond to comments that we and the audience put to them. For attendees, everyone knows Twitter and most have Twitter accounts. When they show up to attend, our program is so simple to navigate that even those without Twitter accounts can sign up and be tweeting with a few mouse clicks. Also, for those that want to remain anonymous they can do so by taking in the event without tweeting or setting up a Twitter account with an anonymous username.

During the event, we encourage those most interested to opt-in to receive continuing interactive email about the company. We also urge people to share their attendance with friends on Facebook and we pluck out key tweets and share them with the attendees after the event (also with our 25,000 followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and G+). In addition, all tweets sent during the event are shared with the sender’s followers further expanding the reach and amplifying the company employment brand.

The key is stressing that these efforts will enhance the “silent recruiting pitch” and will most definitely improve the flow of high caliber candidates leading to great new hires.

That’s what we all want…


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